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"Being a first time home builder, I was at best nervous and at worst completely stressed about the process. The Gregory family was hands down the best we ever could hope for. It became clear very quickly they knew what they were doing.

Attention to detail, quality components, and solid workmanship were a given. If there was a decision to be made they always opted for quality and design sense. We were appraised every step of the way what was happening and what was to come so that we had time to make our decisions.

Many people suggested that we would need to be at the site on a regular basis to make sure the work was being done properly. They were stunned when I kept saying that it was all being taken care of. Our house is so beautiful and JR and Jay did a fantastic job. Patty is the boss lady that keeps it all on track.

No question is stupid, all our concerns were dealt with easily and successfully. We are so happy to recommend JR Gregory  Construction to anyone who wants a superior quality home."


"The Gregory's are quality builders that are dependable and pleasant to work with. My addition was a complicated job, they were able to adapt and find solutions to any changes I wanted made. Every step of the way I knew what to expect financially and that made things so much easier on me. They were just a great family to work with and they did what they said they would do in a timely manner. I love my house." 


"We needed a 12" frost barrier to surround a mobile home and it needed to conform to the required codes for the state of California. We had been struggling with the state of California for over a year and our previous contractor was not fulfilling his obligation he made to us to do the work.

We were given the name of JR, Gregory Construction and contacted him and told him our frustration with the state and our contractor. JR Gregory said he could do the job and would deal with the state while complying with all the codes. We said Fantastic and about 2.5 months later the job was finished and passed inspection with flying colors. Thank you JR and Patty Gregory."

Garland & Donna

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Our clients are the best part of our business. Their complete satisfaction is of utmost importance to our family. See what people are saying about our work!